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Position Transmitter

Position Transmitter

We are into the business of manufacturing and supplying highly efficient Position Transmitter. These are two wire electronic transmitters that convert resistance input into current output. When coupled to any rotary or reciprocating device, the transmitter picks up the travel of that device and provides feedback of rotary or linear displacement. If this signal is supplied to the control room or to an indicating unit, such as ammeter, the current shaft position can be easily monitored. Our Position Transmitter have outstanding linearity and repeatability. They provide excellent price and performance ratio. Easy-to-install, our Transmitters can be configured to suit various shaft rotations or lifts and feedback signal can be selected between direct signal and reverse signal for a given movement of rotary or reciprocating device.


Operating Voltage 18 - 30 Volts DC
Output Signal *Select from Ordering Symbols 1
Travel (Min / Max) *Select from Ordering Symbols 2
Linearity Error (FS)

±1% (4-20mA)

±2% (0-135Ω)

Working Temperature Upto 80° C
Load Impedance 600 Ω
Housing Aluminium Pressure Die Cast
Cable Entry / Gland PG – 11
Dimension (with Limit Switch)
(LxHxW) 80 x 120 x 57 mm
(LxHxW) 80 x 160 x 100 mm

Specification (Limit Switch) - Optional

Rating 5A 250V AC
Switch Type Honeywell Micro Switch

Download Catalogue

Download Catalogue

  • Position Transmitter

  • Position Transmitter with Built in Limit Switch

  • Wiring Diagram